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FCN Cares

 Thank you for visiting our website.  Let’s face it. What my company and team does day after day isn’t easy.  Collection agencies don’t always evoke happiness. We do try to create happiness but it can sure be tough. One of my major motivations for everything I do is helping people. That could be in the form of a kinder, gentler collection agency, tasking my team with always preserving the dignity of the person who owes one of our clients money, or coming up with solutions that help our consumers. It could be in the form of helping my team grow and learn and providing a family-like atmosphere in which to work. I think we all have a choice every single day to choose things that make us happy, that lift us up. Creating our own non-profit, FCN Cares, has been a strategic move to choose joy! 

 We decided from the very beginning every single dollar we gather would be given to benefit local families and children. FCN Cares does not pay for a single expense item that doesn’t go directly to the children involved in our events. Did you know 20% of the population in Tulare County is deemed to be in poverty? One hundred percent of the money donated to FCN Cares stays in and benefits Tulare County.

 Currently, our main focus is our Christmas party we host for 300 underserved children in Tulare County. Who wouldn’t love 300 smiling faces enjoying a pizza party, being entertained by local mascots, being fitted for shoes and sweatshirts, visiting with Santa, and receiving their toys? I defy you to not smile for a month afterward, it’s amazing. We are planning on expanding our reach by creating a back-to-school event providing school supplies to underserved children in Tulare County. 

 If you choose to support us there are a few things I know for sure. One hundred percent of your donation will benefit the families directly. The families who benefit will always be hand-selected by the teachers involved with the kids. All of the money will stay in Tulare County. Last but certainly not least, your money will put a smile on a child’s face and provide some relief to their family.

With Gratitude-

Alicia Sundstrom
Chief Inspiration Officer
President and Owner

Alicia Sundstrom

Kris Davisson

Veinta Jourdan

Megan Lee

Alicia is the Chief Inspiration Officer, President, and Owner of Financial Credit Network. She founded FCN Cares as an extension of her people-first vision for FCN. 

Kris secures donations, puts a creative spin on the name tags and all the printed material needed for Kids for Christmas, and oversees the shoe fittings the day of the event.

Venita is the boots-on-the-ground organizer of Kids for Christmas. The work she puts in every day for Kids for Christmas makes our biggest event possible.

Megan handles all things digital for the FCN Cares team. From newsletters to websites, she’s your girl.