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Kids For Christmas

We throw an annual Christmas party for 300 children in the Tulare County area who are in need of a little Christmas magic.

How It Works

Find The Kids

Collect Donations

Throw A Party!

Our team works with the teachers of Tulare County to nominate children who could use some extra love during the Christmas season. We partner with around 9 schools each year to choose 300 children between the ages of 4 and 12 to attend our Christmas party.  

This is where you come in! Your donations help us provide each child mittens, a pack of socks, a cozy hoodie, a new pair of shoes, a small toy, and a very special toy from Santa. We are also proud to partner with local businesses that contribute food and drinks to our big pizza party as well as local organizations that provide new books and t-shirts. 

It all comes together on the second Saturday of December. Three hundred excited kiddos arrive at a Christmas pizza party that is just for them. They each get a special moment with Santa, we make sure their new shoes fit, they’re visited by fun characters from our community (like Tipper from Visalia Rawhide!), they sing Christmas carols led by our volunteers, and they munch on pizza, lemonade, and a cookie.

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