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Our Mission

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Kids for Christmas brings the joy of the holiday season to 300 children in Tulare County who may not have the opportunity to meet Santa, receive a special gift, or savor the magic of Christmas. Collaborating closely with educators from our partner schools, we carefully select children aged 4 to 12 to join in our celebration.

We visit each of our partner schools the second week in December, and the selected children take a break from class to meet Santa and receive their gifts. Parents are invited in advance to take pictures if they wish. Each child receives a new pair of shoes, three pairs of cozy socks, a warm hoodie, a beanie, a book, a Winco giftcard for their family, and a very special toy from Santa.

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2022 Donors

WJ & Judith Richmond

Noel & Alicia Baker

Antoinette Harris

Neil & Joan Jessup

Thomas & Ann Brodersen

Curtis & Patricia Cornelius

Marilyn Swanson

Donna Thompson

Juhree Fort

Marti Nickoli

David & Michele Long

Joan Hall

John & Shelly McCaw

Ewing & Marilyn Bartgis

Ruth Golombek

Michael & Stephanie Cavale

Jeff & Audrey Newton

Jody Gilman

Carl & Maria Soares

Ed & Sandi Matheny

Lavonne & Robert Thew

Consuelo Romo

Jeffrey & Suzette Davisson

Carolyn Davenport

Dianne Sharma

Alonso & Rebecca Agredano

David Burcham

Paul & Nicole Centofanti

James & Jim Dieterle

Susan Fawkes

Allie Hansen

Merry Osborn

Michael Pacheco

Anthony Paul

Beta Sigma Phi

Esteban & Roberta Velasquez

Kay & F.B. Weber

Steve Whitten

Pigott Family Foundation

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Donations Needed!

Families are feeling the pinch of rising grocery costs this holiday season. To alleviate some of this burden, our goal is to provide each of our families with a $40 Winco gift card (please note that these gift cards cannot be used for alcohol or tobacco purchases). With nearly 350 children participating this year, achieving this goal is a substantial financial endeavor.

Every contribution, no matter the amount, makes a meaningful impact. If you'd like to make a targeted donation of a $40 gift card, you can do so by clicking the link below and making your donation note “Winco gift card.” Your support is invaluable to us, and we truly appreciate it. We couldn't accomplish our mission without your generosity!

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Thank you for visiting our website. Let’s face it. What my company and team does day after day isn’t easy. Collection agencies don’t always evoke happiness. We try to create happiness, but it can sure be tough. One of my major motivations for everything I do is helping people. That could be in the form of a kinder, gentler collection agency, tasking my team with always preserving the dignity of the person who owes one of our clients money, or coming up with solutions that help our consumers. It could be in the form of helping my team grow and learn and providing a family-like atmosphere in which to work. I think we all have a choice every single day to choose things that make us happy, that lift us up. Creating our own non-profit, FCN Cares, has been a strategic move to choose joy!

If you choose to support us, there are a few things I know for sure. One hundred percent of your donation will benefit the families directly. The families who benefit will always be hand-selected by the teachers involved with the kids. All of the money will stay in Tulare County. Last but certainly not least, your money will put a smile on a child’s face and provide some relief to their family during the holidays.

With Gratitude-

Alicia Sundstrom

Chief Inspiration Officer

Financial Credit Network Inc.